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Time's Arrow, Chapter 23/27 (PG Edit)

Title: Time's Arrow 23/27
Author: DarkenTwisted
Rating: PG
Length: 3811 words
Warnings: Spoilers  for RH Post 2:13,  DW Post 4:13, TW Post 2:13 (Very strong slash content.)
Pairings: Y2KJack/Much, Robin/Guy, Gwen, Guy, Robin, Much, Y2KJack, Jack, Ianto, Mickey, Martha, Matilda, Rosa, Rhys, Allan, Kate, Little John, OCGoaler, Surprise character.
Summary: Chapter 23 of my ongoing crossover novella; Torchwod, Robin Hood, Doctor Who.
Dark subjects;  Angst, Sex,  (Explicit slash rewrite in next post.)
Disclaimer: All Characters Owned by BBC, BBC Wales, BBC America, Tiger Aspect Media.
Posting  this using Semagic, Thanks lankyguy for the suggest!  
As usual, props to my long-suffering beta, zooeyryeI love you babe! 
And to robinfanatic and aliciabmanley for spurring me along.

Previous Chapters Below:
Cover Art, Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1415, 1617, 1819, 20, 21, 22 Explicit content chapter rewrites 6; 9

Chapter 23: Kill All My Demons
“Master Jack. I was just getting some equipment for Lady Gwen.” Much tried to act as calm as he could, given the circumstances.
“You don’t have to go so soon,” Jack purred as he stepped up behind the self-conscious outlaw. He slid up against the man and removed his cap running his hand through the blonde curls as his lips skimmed the nape of his neck.
Much quickly became aware of his arousal. “I really do have to get back,” he replied nervously.
“Really?” Jack smiled with just a hint of disappointment in his voice.
“Yes I do, Master Jack.” Much felt his resolve weakening.  He found this new Jack to be very dashing indeed. He leaned his head back as the other man ran hands down his body and soft lips kissed the nape of his neck. “Oh my…what is that scent you are wearing?”
“51st century pheromones,” said Jack as he ground his hips seductively against the other mans arse, leaving no doubt to his intentions.
“Ah, it is lovely.” Much murmured. His eyes were half open with lust and he felt hands loosening the laces of his leggings and reaching under his tunic to get at the soft skin underneath. He turned his head to let the Captain devour his mouth with his own, “I–I guess I could stay a few minutes.”
An hour later both men were dressing. Much was lost in thought and unusually quiet. Jack leaned over and kissed his neck. “Penny for your thoughts?”
“I was just thinking how odd it is that eight years from now you’ll barely even notice me.”
Jack snorted as he slipped his tee shirt over his head. “I must be very distracted not to notice you, blue eyes.”
Much blushed. “Well, there is someone else.”
“Seriously?” Jack was more amused than surprised. “That’s hard to believe. I’m not exactly an exclusive dater.”
Much started to talk about Ianto but was halted by Jack’s hand, as he thumbed up his suspenders. “Don’t tell me anymore.  I wouldn’t want you to spoil it for me.” He grinned then turned serious. “Now, about you and Robin?”
“Robin and I?”  Much sighed.  “It is that obvious?”
“I can tell you are more than friends and that he doesn’t feel the same about you as you do him.”
“Robin…has had a difficult year,” Much lamented. “Speaking of him, I wonder where he is…”
“Robin?” Jack paused. “He asked to use the shooting range about an hour ago.”
Much suddenly panicked. “Is it still on the lower level?”
“It was when I cleaned up what was left of my team-mate in there last night.” He followed the blur of blonde outlaw as he raced to the door. “Where are you going?”
“I saw Gisborne going in that direction on the way here! I have to go! They must not be left alone together!”
“They’re grown men. I know they don’t like each other but they wouldn’t fight each other here…. Would they?”
Much shot Jack an obvious look. “Gisborne killed Lady Marian last year. I would not put anything past those two men, if left alone in the same room.”
Sherwood Forest, England
The camp was filling fast with frightened women and children as Martha, Matilda and Rosa scrambled to help everyone settle in. “The entire village of Loxley must be here.” Matilda mused.
Martha was in near panic. “We can’t possibly feed them all for more than two days. I wish we could find the TARDIS.”
“What is a tard-dis?”  Rosa questioned as she adjusted little Alice, in the sling around her neck.
Martha tried her best to describe the Doctor’s time machine. When she got to the actual physical description Matilda’s eyes widened and she laughed.
“What’s so funny?” Martha looked at the older woman not sure whether to join in or be hurt at her amusement.
“Sounds like the new home of Ceris and her brood! Good luck getting it back, if it is.”
“Who is Ceris?”
“Robber, con-woman, general outlaw that one.” Rosa spat. “She and her bad-seed children have been causing trouble around these parts for years.” 

“Mixed with the sheriff last year, tryin’ to put one over on Robin and ’em.” Matilda added.
“Well, bad woman or not, I have to go convince her to give the TARDIS back.” 
“Not alone!” Rosa exclaimed.
“No, I’ll go with her.” Matilda answered. 
“Mum, you can’t fight her!”
Matilda looked at her daughter, wishing to tell her so much. It would surprise her to learn just what her mother had done before she was born and how, if she knew, she would have nothing to fear but the woman standing in front of her. This was why Matilda just smiled wistfully and tickled her granddaughter’s chin. “Mother can look after herself, my dear. You look after our little Alice and tend to the villagers. We’ll be back with supplies, once we find the Doctor’s box and get it back from that wench.”
“Robin!” Kate walked through the crowd wringing her hands as Matilda and Martha started to leave the camp.
“What is the matter, my child?” Matilda inquired. 
“Allan’s been captured by Jasper again!” She broke out in tears. “Matilda, I don’t know what to do. They’ll kill him this time. Where is Robin?”
Martha and Matilda exchanged glances. The young Torchwood medic tried her best to explain. “They left with the Doctor to find the old Sheriff.”
“We don’t have time to rescue him,” interjected Jack. “We have to gather the men of the village to hold off Prince John’s men.”
“You are just going to let Allan die in that dungeon?”
“We do not want to, Kate. We will try do rescue him after this is over.” John tried to console the distraught maiden.
The young woman shrugged his hand off her shoulder. “No, I will not let him die in the hands of that killer!” She focused her angry blue eyes on both men. “If you will not help him then I shall do it alone!”
“You cannot just go running into the dungeon in Nottingham and demand they release him,” John reasoned.
Kate hitched up her skirt and turned on her heels. “Watch me!”
Cardiff, Wales
Robin was on the Sheriff in a heartbeat. His green eyes flashed as he landed the first punch. “You…are not worthy of uttering her name!” 
Gisborne shook off the blossoming pain in his jaw and launched onto the outlaw with both fists, ridding himself of his pent up rage. “Why didn’t you just leave well enough alone, Loxley? I would have had my manor, my title, my wife.”
Robin crumpled from the blows but recovered quickly and lunged back at the subject of his anger. He connected another blow to his adversary’s cheek. “All those things were never yours Gisborne! You didn’t earn them, you stole them!”
“How could I steal what was readily just lying about? You abandoned them Loxley!” Gisborne spat blood and sneered. “You ran off to your glory in Acre.” He grinned manically. “Did you really think they would be waiting for you when you returned from playing soldier boy with your snivelling little manservant?”
“It was my birthright, something you will never know, you bastard! You had to take my title because of the truth. You’ll never be worthy of the one you carry. What king would give title to a man whose father would not even wed his mother?” The look of fury on the dark-haired man’s face, at the revelation of his darkest secret, made the former earl grin wickedly. He had hit a nerve.
Gisborne roared like Satan himself, attacking the outlaw and slamming him so hard into the wall, they both lost breath. Hands ripped at clothes and skin, as their eyes flashed the murderous hate they felt for one another.
When exactly, the fight turned to something else, neither man was sure, for anything besides destruction of the other, was the last thing on their minds. Robin held the traitor in a headlock, from behind and was getting disturbingly aroused, despite the thoughts of violence flashing through his mind.  What was even stranger was that Gisborne found himself grinding back into the archer’s groin. Gasps of pain suddenly mixed with unexpected groans of pleasure from the knight. It only made the archer all the more sadistic in his attempts to humiliate the creator of his torment.  He fumbled in the sheriff’s pockets till he found the sharp blade and palmed it at the other man’s neck.
Guy yelped as the outlaw sank his teeth into his ear hard enough to draw blood. “No! You shall not enjoy this you bastard.” Robin hissed, through a mouthful of bile and the sheriff’s blood, as he tore at the laces over his crotch to free his stiffening length. “Do not even fucking try to enjoy this! You are giving me the wedding night you denied my wife and I!”
When they could move again, they both dressed in silence, in what remained of their clothing. Robin was first to break the awkward stillness. His voice gravelled as he spoke. “What happened here tonight never leaves this room. Heed my words Gisborne,” he said calmly, almost entranced. “If I ever find myself alone with you again, you will die. I only let you live now to save Nottingham.”
Gisborne looked over his shoulder, not really focussing on the outlaw as he sneered. “My how poor Lord Loxley has fallen. You bedded your enemy and the best you can come up with now, are idle threats, Hood?”
“It is not an idle threat.” Robin stared emotionlessly ahead at a spot on the wall, not turning to meet the eyes of the man he loathed. “Someday I will kill you for what you have done.”
Gisborne picked up his coat and started to make his way painfully out the door. “You can’t kill what is already dead you fool. I died that day in the Holy Land when I killed Marian.”
He walked out of the room as Robin continued to stare at the small spot on the wall and took a deep breath. One lone tear ran down his scraped and bruised cheek. “As did I.”
Gwen went to the showers in the locker room with cautious reservation. The sound of running water was accompanied by the sound of a man crying. Guy was standing under the shower stream naked, with his hand over his eyes, as the hot spray reddened his pale bruised and scratched skin. A lazy trail of water, mixed with blood and other fluids, made its way to the drain. 
He didn’t hear her enter as she walked up, moved behind and wrapped her arms around him. He turned and looked at her with frantic, pleading in his eyes and cried harder as she embraced him.
Guy dried himself off with the towel, not meeting her eyes, while she tended to his cuts. “How did you know I was here?” he asked.
“Much came and told me. He’s tending to Robin’s wounds as we speak.”  Gwen looked up at him. “I would lecture you, but it seems you caught the worst end of it.” 
“I deserved it,” he murmured sadly. “I urged him on.”
Gwen smoothed her hair back and focussed on him. “Both of you need to stop this.  Fighting Robin will not help us get any closer to catching Vaisey and saving Nottingham.”
He nodded numbly as she spoke. “I’ll stay out of his way till we are back home.”
“See to it that you do that!” She levelled her eyes at the sheriff. “Cos if I ever see you go near him again, I’ll kill you myself!” 
She reached in a locker and threw a set of scrubs at him. “Wear these. I’ll see if I can repair your leggings.”

Gwen left the room as he got dressed, dwelling on the menacing threat he knew very well was not idle.
On the way back to the control centre she passed by the infirmary where Much was tending to Robin’s injuries.
“Oww!” Robin drew back as Much dabbed at the abrasion on his cheek with a piece of gauze.
“Hold still Master,” Much totted.
“As usual, if my wounds will not kill me your bedside manner will.” Robin grimaced.
“You are lucky it was not one of Guy’s Saracen knives that killed you!” the blonde outlaw fussed. “Really master, this is not helping us find the Sheriff.”
“Gisborne started it!” Robin glared at his friend.

Gwen sighed. “Much?”
“Yes Lady Gwen?” he said.
“I need a word with Robin, if you don’t mind.”
Much studied the dark haired woman then looked at Robin. “All right. But this is not over master, I will tie you to the nearest wall if I have to, if it will keep you away from that madman and safe till we get home!” He glared at Robin. “I mean it!”
Gwen took the gauze pad and antiseptic from Much as he left and walked over to Robin.  She placed her hand under his chin delicately and swabbed at the bruises and scratches. “So, you want to tell me what happened?”
“I was shooting at targets. Gisborne snuck up behind me.”
“He asked permission to go practice his knife throwing. I told him to use the range. I didn’t know Jack had given you permission to use it as well. Why did you confront him?”
“He started talking about Marian. I wanted him to stop. So I hit him. Then we fought.”  Robin shrugged.
Gwen stopped swabbing and looked into his eyes. “It was more than that, wasn’t it?”
“We fought.”  Robin stated flatly, his eyes gleaming with anger.
Gwen cast him a rueful gaze. “I know what it looks like when two men fight over a woman.”  She leaned in to the archer, her half-whispered words dripping with contempt. “I also know what it looks like when someone has been violated and humiliated to the point that they try to scrub their skin off.” Her dark eyes glistened at the memory. “I held him while he cried like a baby in my arms. It wasn’t just fighting that happened in there.”  She could barely contain her anger as she spoke. “He may be a bad man, Robin but what you did to him, nobody deserves.”
The archer reddened at her accusation. “Whose side are you on, Gwen?”
“I am not on anybody’s side! I am a Torchwood Agent and it is my job to get you both back to your own time safely and without anymore incident!” She grabbed his jaw with her hand, bringing his eyes to hers. “Listen to me, Robin. You and Guy will not bring your fight within these walls. Is that clear?” Robin opened his mouth to protest but was cut off by her murderous stare. “I said, is that clear?!”
He nodded yes, meekly.
She released his chin and looked away. “Thank you. Now go. Dinner will be here in a minute. We’ll eat – then talk about the search.”
Robin left the infirmary, passing Jack on the way out. Jack walked up behind Gwen with his hands in his pockets. “So, that’s why I am going to hire you.”
“You heard.”
“Yep, thanks to that conversation and some very interesting CCTV footage of some not so noble, noblemen’s activities in the shooting range, I got the whole story.” He placed his hand on her shoulder. “You certainly handled the situation well."
Gwen sighed and shrugged, smiling and taking his hand in hers. “Thank you, Jack, but you’re wrong. That’s not why you hired me.”
Jack shot an eyebrow up in amusement. “Oh it isn’t?”
“No.” Gwen cleaned up the mess and turned to leave. “It’s why, when this is all over, you are giving me a raise."
She left the infirmary smiling, followed by the warm sound of Jack’s surprised laughter.
Nottingham Castle, England
It seemed like forever that Allan hung chained to the wall. What didn’t hurt was so numb he couldn’t feel it anymore. He was past crying – only dry sobs would come out.

I’m goin’ to die here, he thought to himself. No one even considers me worth the risk.
Suddenly cool hands were on him and a voice out of nowhere caught in his ear. He turned to see the one face he never expected to see again, as Marian Fitzwalter smiled at him. She was just as he remembered last seeing her, in flowing white robes and lovely wavy brown hair. 

“You are worth saving Allan A Dale,” she said. 
“You ain’t real,” the outlaw reasoned. “You’re dead.”
“And what if I am?”
“That means I am dead…or dying.” Allan swallowed hard. “You wouldn’t happen to have a key for these?”
“You are not dying Allan.” She said matter-of-factly then gestured towards the manacles. “Sorry, I don’t have a key. They do not issue skeleton keys in Heaven.”
“Still cheeky.” Allan smiled in a bittersweet way. “Well if you are not here to carry my soul away or bust me out of here, I don’t have much use for you now, do I, love?”
“Oh you are not going to make this easy are you, my hero?” Marian looked at him with sudden sorrow in her bright blue eyes.
“I’m not anybody’s hero.” Allan replied looking away. “I left you in Gis and the Sheriff’s hands to die. I ran away like a bleedin’ coward.”
“You ran to save Robin and the gang!” She shot him an angry glare.  “You saved the king and in doing that, you saved England!”
“I didn’t save you.” Allan was choking on his own voice.
“You saved me, Allan A Dale. Your actions allowed me to be with the man I loved. I got to become Marian Loxley for the briefest of moments on earth and I am eternally grateful for that.” She kissed his bruised cheek as he cried.
“Take me with you…this it hurts too much. I don’t want to tell them about the camp. Don’t let me betray Robin again.”
“I did not say you would not be rescued.” She looked at the heavy wooden door as keys scraped the lock. Marian turned and focussed on him, her bright blue eyes beamed. “Before I go, I need you to tell Robin this.” She whispered in his ear and was gone as the door opened.
“Marian?” Allan could barely stay conscious as he passed in and out of the haze of consciousness that sickened his stomach and made his head spin. He heard another familiar female voice coming toward the cell but the words weren’t clear. He wondered if this too was a dream.
“I know he has it!  He is a common thief and I want it back!” Kate spat at the gaoler. “And don’t you be telling me he does not have it either! I know how you guards are! You will kill him and keep it for yourself.”
“Steady, girl! If he has it I will retrieve it for you. I certainly do not want Lord Jasper’s handmaiden getting word back to him that I was not cooperatin’.” Rough hands felt under the outlaw’s tunic. The gaoler smirked as he rummaged through pockets “Stealin’ a necklace from such a pretty maiden. I am goin’ to enjoy taking your hands over that one!”
Kate stood behind the gaoler and fumbled for the heavy iron ladle in a bucket of stale water. “Did you find it?”
“I got it,” the gaoler replied. Just as he turned to hand the informant the piece of jewellery she creased his forehead with the heavy utensil.
“Clearly.” She smirked as she searched for the keys to free Allan from his miserable situation. 
By this time Allan realized he wasn’t hallucinating and this wasn’t a dream. “What are you doing, Kate?”
She stopped and smiled at him. “Why, I do believe, I’m saving you, my love.”
“Now this isn’t embarrassing at all,” he mused.
“Oh I am so sorry, dear,” Kate laughed. “I did not realise you were having so much fun.” She made as if to walk out of the cell and Allan shouted hoarsely after her. “Hey! Come back here.” He chuckled then winced from the pain. “And stop makin’ me laugh woman.”
Kate stopped long enough to replace the necklace around his neck. “This came in handy.” 
“I was wondering what you were gettin’ at.” Allan smiled. He looked at Kate questioning. “Did you see her?”
“See who?”
Allan, decided she wouldn’t believe him if he told her. “Nobody, I must’ve been dreaming.”
“Can you walk?”
“I can try,” he replied.
Kate tried to help Allan walk but when he put pressure on his injured legs he yelped in agony. “Guess those are broken.” She noted as she shouldered the poacher’s head while he whimpered.
“Yeah, they ran out of stuff higher up, to torture.” Allan grimaced, as he looked down at his ruined legs. They made it only a short distance to the courtyard until Allan could no longer bear the pain.
“We are going to need something to put you in, to carry you back to the camp.” Kate bit her lip then brightened at finding the perfect mode of transport right in front of them.
Allan followed her line of sight to the manure cart and mule. His good eye enlarged in disgust. “Oh you’ve got to be bloody kiddin’ me!”
“Your chariot awaits my dear.” Kate laughed as she sat him on the edge of the cart and hitched herself up front and grabbed the reins. “No better place to hide than under a pile of shite. No one would want to look there.” 
Allan gingerly and reluctantly, climbed into the back and heaped the offal on top of himself, groaning as he did, eliciting giggles from Kate as she shook the bridle and the mule started down the path.
Jack, John, Rhys and Ianto gathered on the crest of the hill as the lights from the glowing torches made their way toward Loxley.
“Ellison’s men.” Little John said wearily as he saw the precession riding by. “They will stop off at Loxley first to meet with Jasper.” He looked at Jack. “What do we do if Robin does not return with Gisborne?”
Jack pulled the hood of his tunic up over his head. “Whatever we have to, John.” He shouldered the re-curved bow and quiver as he smiled evilly. “If they want a fight with Robin Hood, then it will be a fight with Robin Hood they’ll get.” 
Ianto groaned and rolled his eyes, “How did I know you would say that?”
Jack glared boyishly at his cheeky assistant. “What?!”
Next Week…Chapter 24.
Set the World on Fire!


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