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Time's Arrow (9/?)

Title: "Time's Arrow, Chapter 9"
Copyright Notice: All characters owned by the BBC, BBC America and Tiger Aspect Media.  England's Royal family owns the RP character.  "Mickey Mouse" courtesy of Walt Disney Entertainment.
Plot spoilers: Torchwood: Season 2, Doctor Who: Season 4, Robin Hood: Season 2 Up to ends of Current Seasons of all Three Shows.
Pairings: Robin/Jack/Mickey, Jack/Mickey/Andy, Robin/Jack/RPC, Jack/Gwen, Jack/Ianto, Much/Ianto
Warnings: None. Generally safe with a dash of slash.
Rating: PG (light slash content)
Summary: Ninth chapter of my multichapter, multi fandom, fic. This series brings together characters from Robin Hood, Torchwood, and Doctor Who. Guest appearance in this chapter by RP Character.

I am in no way implying that any member of Britain's Royal Family has any hereditary condition depicted in this chapter.   Doctor Who already did that in Series 2 Episode 2 "Tooth and Claw".  Cheers!

Previous Chapters Below:
Cover Art, Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 78 Explicit content chapter rewrites 6

Dedicated to my ever diligent beta,


My thoughts tell the story, her words make it poetry. 


Chapter 9: Weevils Wobble!

The new field uniforms Ianto ordered were a little different from what the team was used to. They were based on the ones that U.N.I.T. wore on Martha’s suggestion. They were black, non-reflective, undetectable by infra red surveillance and, most important, when hunting alien life forms or cannibalistic villagers, made of impenetrable Kevlar. They fit like gloves and Jack was quite distracted by it on everyone in the room, save himself. ‘One of the down sides of being pansexual,’ he thought, ‘everyone makes you hot.’ 

Ianto asked why he didn’t suit up and he just smiled, “Doesn’t go well with my field coat, besides, I have a built-in reset if I get maimed enough.” He smiled and nodded over at Robin, “Looks much better on him anyhow.”
The outlaw was learning at Gwen’s hand how to operate the comm she placed in his ear and the settings and controls for the sonic blaster he had clipped to his leg. Ianto was showing a similarly clad Much, the controls of his blaster as well; “See this red button. Make sure it’s not set any higher than four, if we catch one of these creatures we want to stun it, not blow it up.”
Much smiled eagerly at the Welshman’s instructions and held the weapon gingerly in his left hand, “It must be quite a powerful weapon?” He squeezed the trigger gently making it squeal softly as it powered up.
“Oi! Be careful! Be sure the safety is on and only push the trigger when you have to!” Ianto quickly averted disaster once again by palming the weapon from the blonde outlaw, switching the safety on and placing it in his holster.
“I am sorry again, Master Ianto,” Much smiled sadly. “I am having a hard time getting used to all your items and I fear I have not yet gotten the knack for them yet.”
“It’s all right, Much. Hopefully you won’t have to use it.” Ianto smiled.
Robin turned to Jack, “What are these creatures we are hunting?”
Jack snapped his head and raised his eyebrows at the question. “We don’t really know. They come from some other planet, maybe even some other universe for that matter, from the rift. They’re somewhat sentient—uh—intelligent and have nasty tempers. They travel in packs like wolves. We don’t actually hunt them. We round them up and house them in the cells under Torchwood. Then, when we can, we put them back through the rift.”
Robin thought for a second, “How do you know they get back home?”
Jack answered, almost ashamed, “We don’t know. But at least we don’t have to mess with them anymore.”
“Mickey Mouse!” Jack yelled out suddenly and glancing up they saw the former companion sidle into the Hub.
The young field agent was already in his uniform and called back with a grin. “What did I tell you about callin’ me that?” He walked over to Jack and Robin and extended his hand. “You must be Robin Hood.”
Robin grinned at the dark man, “Yes. And you must be Mickey Smith. Jack and Gwen have told me a lot about you.”
“And probably not all of it good,” he smirked; receiving a playful thump on the arm by Gwen. Mickey was more than a welcome member of the team and being Torchwood trained on the alternate earth, had keened his knowledge of computers and alien technology to rival that of the late Toshiko Sato. 
“How was the field assignment in Norway?” Jack inquired.
“Cold . . . but the rift between universes seems to be closed for good, just as the Doctor said. I placed monitors on Dårlig ulv Stranden to monitor for further activity.” He looked sadly at the time agent and put his hand on his shoulder, “I’m sorry Jack, I guess Rose and Jackie are stuck there now.”
“She’s with him, so she’s happy.” Jack replied whimsically. “That is until he takes their clothes dryer apart trying to build a TARDIS.”
Mickey smiled back conspiratorially, “Fair point.”
The team continued to suit up and assembled quickly for a debriefing.
“According to the monitors we have a large group of alien life form ejections here,” he pointed to a section on the large map on the screen. 
Ianto replied, “The warehouse district—again.”
“Yeah so you know what that means: lots of places for them to hide. So we need to split up. Gwen, you and Mickey take your places here,” he pointed to a north location on the map. “Ianto and Much here,” he pointed to a west location. “Robin and I will take the South. Andy and Martha will meet us on the east side and we’ll load them up there. I don’t have to tell you how dangerous these creatures are. Robin, you and Much stay low.   Everyone got it?” Everyone nodded and made their way to their respective SUV’s, while Ianto hung back.
Jack’s eyebrow registered the question in his assistant’s eyes. “You have a question?”
“Why did you pair me up with Much? We usually do the weevil hunting together.” The Welshman’s face showed nothing outwardly unusual, the cool detached veneer was intact, but the eyes were those of a man not quite so secure with the situation at hand. It was a look that Jack saw only once before. He had it in his eyes when the Doctor returned. Jack shrugged his best, ‘I can’t deal with this now’ shrug and shifted uncomfortably in front of his friend.
“Because I need to keep an eye on Robin myself, if anything happens to him out there, we could do irreparable damage to the time lines. If that happens, I don’t want it to be anyone else’s fault but my own.”
“Then why not just leave him and Much here,” Ianto supplied flatly, half buying the answer he got.
“You saw the look on his face. You try telling one of England’s greatest outlaws to stay home! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have carnivorous aliens to round up.” Jack clipped Ianto’s shoulder as he left, walking a few steps away before stopping to stare back at the Welshman impatiently, “Care to join me?”
Andy was a nervous mess of fear and excitement. The short taste of weevils he got when Jack’s brother Gray and Captain John turned Cardiff upside down, had given him nightmares. But he was determined to prove his worth to the man he claimed annoyed him deeply, but in truth admired. “About time you got here!”
Jack grinned salaciously. “Keep your pants on, Red,” he paused, glancing the young peace officer up and down, in the way that always made the ginger-haired man blush scarlet, matching his hair. “Or off if you like. Whatever makes you more comfortable, bet you have nice legs too.”
“Oi! I told you about calling me…” the P.C. started.
“Save your breath,” Mickey finished with a wry grin. “Least he isn’t callin’ you a cartoon character.”
Jack gave his newest team member a raised eyebrow in amusement, “I happen to like Mickey Mouse!”
“And that ain’t all you like, either.” Mickey added smugly.
“Well…now that you mention it…” Jack said as he stole a glance naughtily at the young, dark man’s Kevlar suit-clad posterior.
“Oi! The sexual harassment I get!” Mickey said in mock annoyance. “I should have stayed on the alternate Earth.”
“And miss all the excitement?” Jack shot back with a grin.
“If we’re through with the pissin’ contest boys,” Gwen offered as she walked up to the group. “We do have monsters to catch.” 
“He started it!” Mickey folded his arms and defended.
Gwen smiled, “and you encouraged,” eliciting a warm smile from the young, alien tech, specialist.
The team members spread out to their prearranged areas and stayed in touch though their comms. Jack and Robin moved slowly through the stacks of crates, the air around them was permeated by the smell of must, damp, and old cardboard. Suddenly they heard a low keening noise as one nasty, grey creature slunk about in the shadows. Robin made a move but Jack held him back with a finger over his lips.
The ugly humanoid creature in dirty dark grey coveralls sniffed the air and looked around through small, pig-like eyes. It made a guttural noise through the back of its throat and sniffed again at the crates behind which Jack and the archer were hiding. Robin’s eyes were green orbs of fright. When the creature moved a safe distance away, he whispered coarsely to the time agent, “You were right. They are not animals. But what devil created them.”
Jack turned, “That’s one reason we catch them alive. We’re trying to find that out. It’s not acting normally. It seems to have caught the scent of something more important than us.”
Just then, a low growling noise came from farther away and the weevil looked toward it, keening louder. Then a flash and the two creatures were attacking each other. The larger creature soon got the upper hand and the weevil changed from attack to trying to escape with a pitiable cry. Jack and Robin came out of hiding. Out of impulse Robin had an arrow at the ready in his bow and was ready to fire at the larger creature. It was remotely human, several feet tall and covered in coarse, reddish brown fur. The large werewolf moved with a cat like precision as it overtook the smaller alien with ease. Powerful claws and fangs ripped into the weevil as it cried a tortured scream. Soon it was silenced and the only sound was slurping and the sound of meat being torn from bone. 
“Stand down, Robin!” Jack barked at the outlaw.
“But it’s….” Robin’s eyes flashed.
“I said stand down! You can’t kill him. I’ll handle this!”
The archer put down his bow. Jack pulled out a crystal from his pocket and pointed it at the creature, aiming a beam of reflected moonlight at it. The animal whimpered and lay down. Its body heaved a few times as the metamorphosis began.
The sound of bone snapping into place and muscles reconfiguring was sickening. The animal was rippling and boiling as the hairs on its body retracted into follicles. Where once a large werewolf had been, was a naked, young, red-haired man. He yawned as if waking from a long nap and rose up to see who was standing over him. Jack recognised who it was immediately and saluted.
“You’re Highness, Sir!” Jack snapped to attention. “Captain Jack Harkness, senior officer Torchwood III Cardiff, at your service!” Robin suddenly realised the importance of the young man. He got down on one knee and bowed his head.
Prince Harry rose up and blinked, “At ease Captain. Where am I?” He smiled and blushed slightly at Robin’s posturing, “Please . . . you may get up now.”
Robin smiled, “Whatever you wish you’re Highness.”
“Warehouse district, three blocks east of downtown Cardiff and if I may ask, Sir, how the hell did you get here?” Jack’s manner with the young prince indicated to Robin that this wasn’t their first meeting.
“You may call me Harry, Jack. I was on weekend furlough with my regiment. I thought I had this under control so I left my pills back at the base. I forgot all about the full moon tonight. I didn’t hurt anyone.  Did I?”
“Well…not anyone human anyway,” Jack noted, looking over at the evidence Robin had thoughtfully covered with a tarp; deciding not to let the young prince know what his last meal was. He chose to ignore the young prince’s confused look and changed the subject. “Where are you staying, Harry?”
“Sandringham Hotel,” The prince then realised he was totally naked. “Wouldn’t happen to have a spare pair of trousers on you?”
Jack grinned sheepishly, “I was wondering if you would like to cover the ‘crown jewels’.” He walked over to the SUV and pulled out an extra pair of coveralls. “Not the finest, but it will do until we get you back to the hotel.”
“I appreciate it,” Harry thankfully replied as he put on the clothing.
John called Gwen over the microphone and waited for her reply before speaking. “We have a ‘Buckingham’ situation. Robin and I are transporting the subject back to their hotel. Can you take over as team leader while we’re gone?”
“Here in Cardiff?!” Gwen squealed in disbelief. “Yes, Jack of course. Is everyone all right?”
Jack stepped out of earshot from the young prince and Robin. “All the humans are anyway. One of the weevils was turned to mincemeat. When the team regroups, you’ll have to draw straws on who does cleanup detail.”
“Charming,” Gwen sarcastically replied. “Will do, Jack. Give my best to the royal family.”
Jack grinned and punched off his earpiece, “Come on Harry, let’s get you home.”
On the way back to the warehouse district from dropping off Prince Harry, Robin was still trying to fit the pieces together. “You mean to tell me one of the princes of England is a....”
“Yup, started with Queen Victoria back in the 19th century we believe and travelled all the way down the royal bloodline. We find that it skips a generation or two just like haemophilia. Up until he died in 1952, we kept a special member of the royal guard on watch over King George VI, Harry’s great-grandfather, during the full moon at Buckingham palace. He was to report immediately at the first sign of ‘heavier than usual five o’clock shadow.’” He levelled his eyes at the outlaw. “No one except you, me, a few higher ups in the British government and the royal family itself, knows about Prince Harry’s condition and exactly which one of the Windsor’s has it. While you’re here, I’ll have to ask your word as a Lord to keep this to yourself.”
Robin returned the look with all seriousness, “You have my word.”
Ianto and Much were having a less eventful time as they made their way through the maze of dusty crates and other discarded objects. They had already peacefully rounded up three weevils and were closing in on a fourth. Soft growling told them it was close by as they rounded another corner.
“I can’t understand why we haven’t found it yet,” Ianto mused. “According to the biosensors we should be right on top of it.”
A loud growl echoed about them and Much looked up, “Maybe because it is on top of us!”
Just then, the creature attacked. Lunging from a high stack of crates, the weevil leapt onto Ianto’s shoulders and sent them both tumbling to the floor. Ianto was trying his best to keep the weevil’s teeth away from his neck and it was all he could do to scream out, “Much, use your blaster!”
The blonde outlaw yelled back, “Are you sure!? I do not want to accidentally hurt you.”
“If you don’t fire, the weevil will!” the Welshman cried back.
Much tentatively pulled out the palm-sized weapon and pointed it as he was shown, but nothing happened.
“The safety, Much…ugh…release the safety.”
Through his struggles, Ianto could hear the gun’s pitch change to a higher resonance, “No! Not the red one! The green button…but don’t fire yet! You set the power too—”
The blaster fired with tremendous force temporarily deafening both men and liquefying the creature it was aimed at. Waves of exploded alien hit both Ianto and Much coating them with gore and pieces of flesh and bone. Ianto coughed and wiped his face with his hand so he could breathe. He blinked several times in stunned disbelief, “Too high, you set your weapon too bloody high.”
By the time the Welshman had recovered his senses and got up, he saw the blonde outlaw had taken most of the backlash and disgustingly enough, backwash. Through the substance, his eyes were wide with shock and he was shaking violently, “Master, Ianto I’m so sorry. If I had aimed lower, I would have… ”
Ianto smiled and helped the slimy, blood covered outlaw to his feet, “But you didn’t, thankfully.”
Ianto punched his earpiece, “Jack, we had an accident. More cleanup I’m afraid. The weevil didn’t make it and Much is beside himself.” He looked at the outlaw who was still wide-eyed and dripping in what was left of the alien.
“Can you make it back to the hub okay?” Jack asked, worried but also slightly amused.
“We’re a mess Jack, and my flat is closer. I’m going to take him home and get him cleaned up then we’ll go from there. I definitely need a drink and I think Much could use one too!”
“Sounds good Ian, go ahead, I think the rest of us have got the last of them.”
Robin chimed in on his own comm, “Is Much well?”
Ianto took a look at the pitiful looking former servant, “If you include ‘well’ as being covered in nasty alien entrails, then yes, he’s good.”
Jack’s laugh was audible to all of them.
Ianto unlocked the door to his sparsely furnished and seldom used, immaculate, home. He led the gore covered outlaw straight to the bathroom. Getting the slightly shocked, former servant out of his field outfit was a challenge, but soon both he and Much were under the shower and well on the way to looking human again. The shower ran red with blood as they washed themselves clean and scrubbed till their skin was raw.
After shampooing many times and still feeling rather sick, Ianto handed some clothing to Much and sat beside him on the couch, where they both began to shiver.
“Would you like me to build a fire?” he offered motioning at the fireplace. His answer was a dull, emotionless nod.
Once Ianto got the fire going, he went to the kitchen and came back with two snifters and a bottle of twelve year old scotch. He filled one glass and handed it to Much. The blonde former servant took a sip of the liquid and made a face. Ianto nodded and he grudgingly finished his in one gulp.
Four glasses in and Much was back to his normal self and then some. He started singing old bawdy tavern songs and Ianto, quite pissed himself, joined in after learning the words.
“You sing terribly!” He said to the outlaw.
“I know!” Much replied with a snort. “But at least it is a cheery song!”
Both men broke out in laughter. Ianto was relieved to see the young outlaw back to normal even if it took alcohol to get him there. They sat close together by the warm fire and swapped stories and jokes.
The conversation eventually turned to relationships and people who always seemed to need the two men but never seemed to return the favour. Ianto couldn’t be sure later if it was desire, need for comfort or revenge but it was almost natural when his lips brushed against the blonde outlaws’.  Much blinked and studied the Welshman carefully, then found himself kissing back.
Ianto woke the next morning slightly hung over and with a hazy recollection of the previous nights’ events. The sound of soft snoring beside him made him smile, till he remembered that Jack didn’t snore.  His eyes popped open with a start. He turned his head around as far as he could with the strange arm across his chest and looked at the slumbering blonde man spooning him.   Much was undeniably beautiful when he was sleeping and the soft expression on his face was more that of a child than a man.
“Oh shite!” Ianto said under his breath as the full memory of the night came back.
Much woke up and as his pale blue eyes focused on the Welshman, he smiled, “Good morning, Master Ianto.”
Ianto returned the greeting a tad queasily, “Good morning Much.”
They showered and dressed in relative silence, Much borrowed a sweat shirt and trackies from  Ianto and while they stood in the kitchen, taking in the smell of fresh coffee brewing, Ianto decided to talk. Albeit awkwardly. “Much, about last night…”
The outlaw looked at him with kind, innocent eyes, “What about it?  We are friends, Master Ianto.  Last night we did what friends do to get over a bad shock.  We had drinks, we made laughs and we comforted each other…nothing more.” 
The blonde outlaw’s smile put whatever questions or doubts Ianto had to rest, “Yes—friends.” He then leaned over and kissed Much softly on the lips. “That’s a good thing to be.”
Much gave him a shy but cheeky look and smirked. “The pleasure was all mine.”
“I believe some of it was mine too.” Ianto laughed.

Next Week  . . .
Chapter 10: Lonely Days



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Sep. 25th, 2008 03:21 am (UTC)
Okay... you teased me with the shower... and then thank goodness,

The conversation eventually turned to relationships and people who always seemed to need the two men but never seemed to return the favour. Ianto couldn’t be sure later if it was desire, need for comfort or revenge but it was almost natural when his lips brushed against the blonde outlaws’. Much blinked and studied the Welshman carefully, then found himself kissing back.

oh yeah!

and Harry is a werewolf? okay, that's cool.
Sep. 25th, 2008 04:13 am (UTC)
'Okay... you teased me with the shower... and then thank goodness,'

Thank goodness I went there or that I didn't?

I am still contemplating a slash edit for chapter 9. Jury is still out on extended Ianto/Much love scene.

Should I cast it in stone or just let the imagination wander? Hmmmmmmmm. Ok readers, you decide!

I really agonized over using an RP character, but the idea of a weevil being attacked by a royal werewolf and then tying it in to DW 2;2 was just too tantalizing.

And of course, who else but our little bad boy, prince Harry?

Explains the name. (inside royal family joke maybe?)

Time to go read your fic now. ;)

Sep. 25th, 2008 11:34 pm (UTC)

thank goodness you followed the tease shower -- where I DID expect some slashiness to occur and was a bit disappointed -- with the kiss and morning after scene. A slash edit would be much appreciated if you decide to go there!
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