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Time's Arrow 2/?

Title: "Time's Arrow,  Chapter 2"
Copyright Notice: All characters owned by the BBC, BBC America and Tiger Aspect Media.
Plot spoilers: Up to ends of Current Seasons of all  Three Shows.
Pairings: Gwen/Martha, Ianto/Jack  
Warnings: None for this chapter
Rating: PG- 13 (For suggestive slash content)

Summary:  Second chapter of my multichapter, multi fandom, fic.  This series brings together characters from Robin Hood, Torchwood, and Doctor Who.  

New chapters will be posted weekly (hopefully).   Enjoy!  Criticize where my grammar, punctuation, canon, and locale descriptions get spotty!  I want to do this right!  

A/N: Beta'd by the amazing zooeyryeThank you. You make it so much better! :)

Alpha'd by my dear Louie, (He wouldn't dare let me call him a 'beta')  He also insisted I say he's an award winning journalist. (and humble too :P)  Let's hope it rubbed off.

Previous Chapters Here:

Cover Art1

Time's Arrow

Chapter 2: Road Trip!

Cardiff, Wales, 21st Century

It had been a boring week in the Hub. Gwen was playing solitaire on the computer screen in front of her. She ignored what the other three screens were showing; alternating scenes of CCTV footage in areas prone to weevil or rift activity. She was on her third cup of tea and found herself wishing she hadn’t traded watch shifts with Ianto.

She knew the Hub like the back of her hand, but what it contained still gave her the creeps. After almost two years of being at Torchwood, she still did all she could not to be alone. Usually Jack was kicking around in his office or doing God knows what with Ianto in the greenhouse. However Gray had changed all that.

After they lost Tosh and Owen, the place haunted her even more. Tosh had been used to being alone and liked night-watch because it filled her lonely evenings. She would have happily traded shifts with Ianto for his dream date with Jack. Tosh had been a hopeless romantic and would have cheered the two men on for taking their odd relationship to the next level. She thought of poor Tosh, dead and stored in the morgue somewhere, and of the man who had killed her, kept in cryo nearby. Tosh, who had never gotten to go on her own dream date with Owen.

The thought made her look at her ring. Gwen had barely made it alive to her own wedding and, to make matters worse, had to retcon their family and friends so that they would forget about it.

“What a way to get cozy with the in-laws!” she thought, but she was finally married—to a good man.

Rhys Williams was a trusting man and a trustful one. One who loved her and didn’t care how crazy her job got, how outlandish the story she told was, or what he had to wash out of her clothes and hair when she got home. She had seen his shoulder wet with her tears, almost as often as his face and was glad for it.

The sound of the Hub door rolling open shook her out of her musings.

“Dinner is served!” Martha chimed.

She was a welcome addition to the crew and Gwen was glad for the company. Although she loved Toshiko and missed her terribly, there was always an inner sadness and need for isolation about the woman that she could never have reached. Toshiko Sato just had an invisible wall of loneliness that no one could break through. That was not the case with Martha. Talk to her for five minutes and you knew anything and everything about her, except for one thing. Martha changed in an instant when someone mentioned the Doctor.

She loved him and that was exactly why she withdrew to a falsely cheerful manner; changing the subject. She had saved the world for him twice and knew he would do it for her in an instant, but his heart was with Rose. It devastated Martha, but she kept fighting. She had moved on and, to keep herself cheerful had covered the wound to her heart like an oyster would cover a grain of sand. She coated it with happy memories and let no one look inside. Besides, she had a wedding to plan.

“Tom’s out of town and I was bored,” Martha shrugged as she juggled bags of take-away. “I figured I’d come over and keep you company.” She could see, by the way Gwen’s arms were crossed, that she wasn’t buying it.

“And?” Gwen said, knowingly reading other intentions in her new friend’s smile.

Martha went sheepish and fumbled with her shoulder bag. She then produced a thick scrapbook, biting her lip and wincing at her friend for being found out, “Looking over your bridesmaids dresses?”

Gwen let out a thick Welsh squeal, “Oi!, I thought you’d never ask!”

“Us Torchwood gals got to stick together!” Martha said joyfully as she served the curry. “And remember...”

“YOU CAN ALWAYS RE-HEM IT AND WEAR IT AGAIN!” They shouted in unison.

They started laughing, but as if on cue, the Hub seemed to object to the happy banter by sounding the rift alarm. Wedding plans, curry and re-hemmed ugly dresses forgotten, both women ran to their stations and read the monitors that were quickly filling up with locations, intensity readings and energy levels.

Gwen punched her earpiece and talked loudly, as if yelling at the air. “Jack, Ianto!  Massive energy reading from the rift. Almost off the scales.”

“Can it wait? I’m a little busy here.” Jack sounded annoyed and strangely breathless.

They could hear Ianto in the background muttering something about needing more butter. Martha and Gwen widened their eyes at each other and giggled softly.

Gwen cleared her throat. “Sorry to spoil the fun boys. We aren’t so much concerned about the rift but where the activity is located.”

“It’s okay. We were watching 'Last Tango in Paris' and someone got an idea.” Jack said impatiently, eliciting an “Oh bollocks, Jack!” from Ianto.

“He started it!” Ianto chimed in on his com suddenly.

“Oh yeah, who got the butter?” Jack replied haughtily.

“I got it for the popcorn, Jack.” Ianto recovered quickly.

The girls looked at each other, mouthed “T.M.I,” before laughing loudly.

Martha sobered, wiping her eyes and continuing; “It’s emanating from Roath Park and, according to the sensors, just deposited two humanoid entities in the south end.”

“Probably more weevils, and in Roath Park, it’s just what we need!” Jack said. “I’m over at Ian’s and his place is close. So, we’ll go to the park from here and meet you there. Martha, prep the infirmary in case one of them, or us, is injured.”

“Got it Jack!” The two girls looked at each other after Jack hung up.

“Detour to the video store to rent a copy of that movie?” Gwen suggested, grinning at Martha.

Wide eyed and grinning as well Martha nodded, “Oh yeah!”


Jack got out of the SUV before Ianto could stop it. He always hated it when Jack did that. Although he knew Jack would always be okay, it still worried him that someday he might not be. Ianto had learned to expect the unexpected working for Torchwood.

In his job, he had seen the unsinkable sink, the impossible possible, the indestructible blow up, and people he thought would be with him forever turn on him and die. He never wanted to expect Jack to come out of anything okay, simply because he knew he would never recover if he didn’t.

So when he rounded over the hill and heard Jack yell out, “Don’t be frightened! We’re...” It didn’t surprise him that his voice was cut short. Nor was he alarmed at the sound of a body, suddenly lifeless, hitting the ground with a dull thump. What did surprise him was the utter lack of surprise at all. All he felt was the sick feeling of dread.

Next week…

Chapter 3: "OWWW!"



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